Color Coordinated Mannequins

25 11 2009

I realize I have been in Guyana for exactly 9 months and I am just now starting a blog. I know I am late to the game, but better late than never. I figured that this would be the best place to post my many musings about this incredible country (yes, that’s right I LOVE IT HERE!)

Even though I feel like I have gotten into a nice routine and the things that amazed me months ago, seems like usual stuff now, there are still some things that just WOW me. For instance:

1) The Mannequins in this country are built differently than the mannequins in the United States. What I mean by built differently is that these mannequins are built with some serious booty! I suppose that it’s necessary considering that a good majority of women in this country have some serious booty. However, it makes me a bit self conscious. Like David Sedaris, I have a serious case of booty envy and it does not help that everytime I walk into a shop in this country the mannequins have rounder and perkier rear ends than I do. These manneqins look like they are ready to hit the dance floor and give a serious backball compared to my relatively flat posterior. It’s just not fair, but as I have learned time and time again…Life isn’t fair.

2) Women in this country (as well as most men) have an amazing ability to color coordinate everything they are wearing. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING…shirt, shoes, jewelry, handbag, hair accessories, etc. These matching ensembles also usually tend to be in colors on the brigher side of the light and color spectrum: yellow, orange, lime green, hot pink, and purple. I was amazed the first time I walked into a shoe store here and found sandals and high heels in every color of the patent leather rainbow. At the market bracelets and earings are sold in every color imaginable. This is where I usually tend to indulge and I have purchased several pairs of oversized lime green, orange, and rainbow colored earrings. Unfortunatley I have not broke down and bought a pair of matching shoes, but my goal before leaving Guyana is to own at least one pair of patent leather orange wedge heels….I’m currently saving up for my first pair.

Of course there are many other things here that WOW me on the daily, but those two thoughts have been on my mind for quite some time. Don’t worry folks there will be more musings and observations to come.




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