God Bless FISH Spray

26 11 2009


This year I have a lot to be thankful for. Being away from home for the past 9 months has allowed me to reflect on my relationships with family and friends and the importance of having love and support from these people even if they are miles away. I have also reflected on how grateful I am for all the priveledges and opportunities that I have had in my life. Even though I am thankful for all the big things in my life I would also like to focus on the small things as well, in particular a long yellow can that I have grown particuluarly fond of in the past few months……FISH Aerosole Insectiside for Crawling and Flying Insects.

I am completely aware of the fact that my use of this product will probably cause me to acquire some form of cancer, a plethora of endocrine problems, and/or possible birth defects to my hypothetical unborn children. Although I did look up each active ingredient (d-TETRAMETHRIN, d-ALLETHRIN, and CYPHENOTHRIN) on the interweb and each one meets the WHO criteria for insectisides, I’m still not completely convinced. However, when one walks into their bathroom and INVASION OF THE ANT COLONY PART 2 is taking place in one’s bathroom, the most efficient way to deal with the horror of this particular situation is to use half a can of FISH spray to kill them. Now, let me back up and do my best to paint a picture of the horrible awesomeness that I walked into……

At around 4:00 pm yesterday afternoon I used the bathroom before leaving my house to go to the gym and then for a jog with my friend Deanna. At this time there were only a handful of ants marching along the bottom of my shower tiles. This is completely normal as bugs are just a  part of daily Guyanese life. However, I could count the number of ants on two hands at this point. Two hours later I came home drenched in sweat and ready for a shower, however to my horror, in the two hours that I had been gone almost every orifice of my shower had been taken over by ants. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there were rougly a kajillion ants in my bathroom last night. Where they came from all of a sudden I have no idea, all I know is that they were EVERYWHERE! I have to say that I kept my calm, after an incredibly brief freak-out/panic moment (I’m not ashamed of this, what would you have done in this situation?) I grabbed that wonderful long yellow can that I have become so fond of, took off the cap, aimed, and fired away at those little suckers. I then turned the shower on and washed as many as I could down the drain, then swept up the rest, and tossed them into the trench outside my house. At this point I was getting a serious headache from all the fumes so I opened a window, lit an incense, then went in to the kitchen to make myself some dinner. Thirty minutes later I returned to an ant-free bathroom for a shower.

Now let me just tell you that this is not the first time that this has happened to me in this particular bathroom. About a month ago I returned from a weekend with friends to discover that millions of ants were coming out of my toilet (yes it’s as horrifying as it sounds). In that situation I did the exact same thing I did yesterday grabbed that wonderful long yellow can and went to town killing those little annoying ants, as well as flushing clumps (yes, that is correct….clumps) of ants down my toilet as many as five times to make sure that I got rid of all of them. I also refused to sit down completely to use that particular toilet for 24 hours after that incident until I was postive that every ant had been killed.

I know that I am not the only Peace Corps Volunteer here in Guyana that has an appreciation for the FISH spray. I have a friend who has designed a holster for her can of FISH so that she can have it on her persons at all times when she is in her home, just in case she comes across a spider, cockroach, or my new favorite….the ant. I am not making any of this up, it’s all true.

So on this Thanksgiving, on behalf of myself and all Guayana Peace Corps Volunteers, I would like to thank FISH Aerosole Insectiside from the bottom of my heart for doing it’s job so efficiently and effectively.




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