8 03 2010

Guyana has not been kind to my electronics. Back in October, exactly a week before Divali, my camera quit working. The problem was some kind of lense error caused by the dust and humidity. As frustrating as it has been not to have a camera I have a new one that is on it’s way and should be here “just now”. In the mean time I have “borrowed” pictures that other volunteers have taken to show you what has been going on in my life for the past month.

The following pictures are of a Mashramani celebration (Mashramani is Guyana’s Republic Day and is their own version of Carnival), Phagwah (The BEST holiday ever, and a Hindu holiday celebrated in the spring and represents the triumph of good over evil. It also involves water fights, colored powders and paints, and LOTS of glitter.), and one picture of me at work during a teacher training workshop.


Mashramai Float

Guyanese LOVE lime green!

Getting down in the streets

Playing Phagwah. Taking a break to assess the the mess.

Playing powder with Antoine. Notice how clean his face is compared to mine.

Demonstrating a role play for teachers.




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